London Calling for Posters

The 72nd World Science Fiction Convention (called Loncon 3) will take place from 14-18 August 2014, at the ExCeL conference centre in London.  We’re expecting a good few thousand people to be there, from all around the world: the current membership list includes people from the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, and even one member from the Vatican.

A lot of science fiction fans are interested in science, many have first or higher degrees in a scientific subject, and some are active researchers in academia or industry.  So, many of the main conventions (certainly Worldcons and Eastercons) have a strong science programming stream, with talks and panel discussions on subjects as diverse as new developments in genetics and the latest news in the search for exoplanets.

The exhibition hall in the ExCeL is quite big, and one of the things we want to put in it is a multidisciplinary academic poster session, where researchers in sciences and social sciences can come and tell us all what they’re working on at the moment, and what the latest developments in their chosen fields are.  Something similar was run, on a smaller scale, a few years ago and proved very popular, so we’d like to try it again.

This is an opportunity for active researchers to explain their current and recent work to an interested and educated lay (and in some cases not so lay) audience. There are more details on the Loncon 3 site, but if you have any questions please contact me ( and I’ll try to answer them.



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